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Religion | What I Believe | Michael Corthell

by Michael Corthell “You don’t look out there for God, something in the sky, you look in you.”  – Alan Watts. It is said, by many Christians, that the Old Testament is about a promise made by God, and the New Testament is about the promise fulfilled. In my view this is true. But I believe the entire Bible, including the gospels and other scripture that was omitted, is not to be taken as a historical series of stories at all (for the most part), but rather it is to be read as a kind of psychodrama with allegory highlighting eternal truths and the sciences of creation, such as quantum theory and so on. First of all, I've come to terms with labeling myself a philosopher because I use reason to understand such things as the workings of nature and the existence of all things, including understanding the use and limits of knowledge and science, and the principles of moral judgment toward all created beings as well as the nature of matter itself.[spoiler: everything is energy in wave form

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