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From Mind to Matter: Unleashing the Creative Power of Thought

"Through focused intention and positive beliefs, thoughts become the seeds of our reality, intertwining with actions to manifest the world we observe and experience." Michael Corthell The human mind possesses an extraordinary ability to shape the world around us through the power of thought. My assertive belief is that everything you observe in your outer world was manifested by thought , which highlights the profound connection between our thoughts and the reality we experience. While this concept has been explored by various philosophies and belief systems throughout history, modern research, and anecdotal evidence continue to shed light on the intriguing notion that thoughts can indeed become reality. This essay will dive into the mechanisms behind this phenomenon, examining the role of thoughts in shaping our experiences, influencing our actions, and ultimately manifesting the world we perceive. The Mind-Reality Nexus: The underlying principle of thoughts becoming reality

Inspiration: ''Here are some people I want you to meet''

"The greatest gift you can give someone just may be the inspiration to become the best version of themselves." Michael Corthell The secret to living a good life is to stay positive(and believe you deserve one!), and one of the best ways to do that is by surrounding yourself with positive people. If you feel like you don't have many positive people in your life, guess what? I've got news for you: they're all at your library or on YouTube. Seriously! You can find loads of positive vibes in books or by watching inspiring videos online. When you dive into inspiring books, ones filled with tales of positive individuals, you're essentially immersing yourself in their presence. These remarkable folks, who've weathered countless storms in life, will uplift and spur you on. It doesn't matter if you reckon you know enough about them. Read and delve into their life stories. What's the common thread among them? They all possessed a "can-do&qu

Positive Psychology for a Positive Life

Focus on, and grow the good by watering the positive seeds in your personality. by Michael Corthell Previously I discussed pleasure-seeking and the minimizing of pain and suffering. In this section, I'm going to address accentuating the positive or 'selective watering' of the good 'seeds' within us all. For every insult I ignore, I grow three times in maturity. Every time I feel discouraged, I encourage myself three times. No matter what happens, I will continue to live and grow. The chief 'illness' that afflicts most in western civilization is that we don't know how to handle the suffering inside us, and we try to cover that suffering up with all kinds of 'things'. There are all sorts of new consumer goods to fill what has been called the 'God Hole'—that hole is an emptiness inside our souls that only God, our creator, can fill. The problem though, is that we, as a people, often ignore this hole or we attempt to fi