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Finding Out What You Love to Do

by Michael Corthell Deciding on a career may seem seriously difficult—it is a serious decision, but it doesn't have to be difficult. However, the problem can be in trying to match your aptitude and the skill-sets, to the right job or career. ''Communication—Interpersonal Connectivity—is one of the key factors in all personal and career successes.'' But, the best advice in this article, no matter what I write below is this: Do what makes you happy . Why? Because  research has shown that a career that you absolutely hate can be worse for your over-all health than having no job at all and being poor. So, by being very aware of what your 'likes' and 'enjoyment' levels are when planning a career, plus making sure that you factor in everything involved in deciding on that career, you can go a long way in ensuring your satisfaction. Let's take a look: The first step then involves three questions: What do I want? What makes me happy? Wha