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Seeking God's Will: The Law of Attraction, Law of Assumption, and Manifesting in Christian Faith

"Manifesting our desires is anchored in the words of Jesus: 'Believe in prayer that you have already received, and it shall be yours.' Faith and belief pave the path to manifestation." Michael Corthell In the realm of personal development and spirituality, various concepts have emerged, such as the law of attraction and manifestation. While these ideas have gained popularity, it is important for Christians to approach them through the lens of their faith. This article explores the connection between the law of attraction, the law of assumption, manifesting desires, and seeking God's will within the context of Christian beliefs. Understanding the Law of Attraction The law of attraction , a concept popularized by New Thought teachings , suggests that like attracts like. It emphasizes the power of thoughts, beliefs, and intentions in shaping one's reality. While this idea aligns with the Christian teaching of faith, it is crucial to evaluate our desires in light

Harmony in Oneness: Exploring Spiritual Unity Across Religions

  "Embracing Oneness invites a profound sense of unity with existence. From Advaita Vedanta to Christian mysticism and Unity Church, diverse traditions converge on the belief in a shared spiritual essence." Michael Corthell Oneness is a fundamental spiritual concept that transcends cultural and religious boundaries. It encapsulates the belief in a unifying, interconnected essence that underlies all of existence. This article delves into the concept of Oneness and examines its significance in three distinct religious traditions, including the Unity Church. Defining Oneness At its core, Oneness posits the existence of a singular, all-encompassing spiritual reality from which everything emanates. It implies an inherent unity between all beings, emphasizing a shared source of existence that transcends individual identities. Hinduism: Advaita Vedanta Advaita Vedanta, a prominent school of Hindu philosophy, espouses the concept of Oneness in its purest form. It teaches that there

Manifesting Reality from a Christian Perspective

"Christianity, specifically Jesus' teachings, remind us: When you pray with an unwavering belief that your request is already granted, your desires will find their way into objective reality. Faith is the spark that ignites the manifestation of our desires." Michael Corthell   In this exploration, I bridge the deep meaning of Christianity with the transformative concept of conscious manifestation . Through a fresh lens, I uncover how biblical principles align with the power of the mind, offering insights into how our consciousness shapes our reality within the context of Christian faith. As we take a focused look into these timeless truths, I invite you to open your mind and heart to the possibility that the keys to personal growth, fulfillment, and the realization of your deepest desires lie within the realm of your own awareness. In this brief essay, I hope to inspire you to unlock the boundless potential of your consciousness and embark on a journey of self-discov