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[Actualized] by Confident, Energized Actions

“Freedom lies in being bold.” ― Robert Frost Stand tall and know that you are as human as anyone, as good or as bad and perfectly imperfect!  

Living a Bold, Positive Life Without Regrets

by Michael Corthell Living a bold, positive life means overcoming the fear of failure, so you are motivated, and happy to try new things.  The biggest regrets in anyone's life contains these three statements: ''could have'', ''might have'', and ''should have''. ''Fortune befriends the bold.''   —Emily Dickinson All too often, in order to avoid feeling embarrassed, looking silly, being harmed, or facing rejection and possible failure, we play it safe. That is FEAR of unknown consequences. The first thing to realize is that the ''bold'' I'm referring to, is associated with action e.g. a ''bold move.'' And all actions start with a thought. Hopefully a positive thought. Thought is a choice. If you want to overcome your fears by being bold, you must choose.  Okay, you've chosen. If you didn't choose wisely, that is, you haven&