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The Top 20 Self-Healing Affirmations for 2023!

by Michael Corthell Before we get to the top 20 self-healing affirmations let's look at why positive self-healing affirmations work! Positive self-healing affirmations work because they not only help to shift our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs in a positive direction, they help drive out negative thoughts as well. According to Rhonda Britten , affirmations work best when combined with acknowledgments because they build up a backlog of results in one's mind to prove that one can do what one is affirming. For example, the acknowledgment "I bought a good pair of sneakers and some gym clothes" could complement the affirmation "I can reach my goal of losing 20 pounds." The goal is to focus on steps one has taken toward accomplishing one's goals rather than criticizing oneself for what one has not yet accomplished, or could theoretically have accomplished but did not. Positive affirmations are closely related to positive self-talk . Affirmations can and ofte

How to Take Control of Your Subconscious Mind

To shift your life in the desired direction, you must powerfully shift your subconscious mind toward that goal. by Michael Corthell The function of the subconscious part of your mind is to store information for retrieval later. Its job is to make sure that you respond exactly, not only in the way you have been programmed, but it also helps manifest your reality. Your subconscious mind works hand in hand with your innate, pre-programmed instincts. Your subconscious mind is subjective. It does not think or reason on its own; it only obeys the commands it receives from your conscious mind. Your conscious mind is the gardener, planting seeds, your subconscious mind is the garden, or fertile soil, and your belief and passion is the sunlight. Your subconscious mind is working day and night — it does not sleep. Over three quarters of your brain power is devoted to subconscious thinking and it will believe anything you tell it. Sounds dangerous doesn't it? Well, it is,

[Think]...about Positive things!

“Your subconscious is a powerful and mysterious force which can either hold you back or help you move forward. Without its cooperation, your best goals will go unrealized; with its help, you are unbeatable.” ― Jenny Davidow, Embracing Your Subconscious: Bringing All Parts of You into Creative Partnership Think good thoughts, and good follows you. Think evil, and evil follows you(and often those around you!). You are what you think about all-day-long.