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Best of Times AND The Worst of Times?

 'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times' is an appropriate phrase to use in the context of today’s world because on the one hand, the rich are enjoying luxurious lives; while on the other hand, the poor are struggling under the pressure of economic decline. 'The rich are getting richer and the poor and getting poorer. (see: ignorance and want )  Income inequality is bad for society as it is tried to weaker social bonds between people, which in turn makes health and social problems more likely. Economic prosperity creates stronger social bonds in society and thereby makes health and social problem less likely. One study finds a correlation between income inequality and increased levels of political instability. A 2016 study finds that interregional inequality increases terrorism. Another 2016 study finds that inequality between social classes increases the likelihood of coups but not civil wars. A lack of reliable data makes it difficult to study the relations

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