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What cause have you?

“If you are the one who opened up the flood gates, don't complain when you get soaked.” ― Christine E. Szymanski No cause happens without effect. No effect happens without cause. No unjust act goes without punishment. No action or thought passes unnoticed anywhere in the Universe. “Whilst the world will be whole, and refuses to be disparted, we seek to act partially, to sunder, to appropriate; for example,—to gratify the senses, we sever the pleasure of the senses from the needs of the character. The ingenuity of man has always been dedicated to the solution of one problem,—how to detach the sensual sweet, the sensual strong, the sensual bright, &c., from the moral sweet, the moral deep, the moral fair; that is, again, to contrive to cut clean off this upper surface so thin as to leave it bottomless; to get a one end, without an other end.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson