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The Game of Life and How to Play It: A 12 Step Study Guide for Manifesting Your Desires

To Life!  Life is indeed a grand adventure, a dynamic game where we navigate challenges and savor triumphs. This perspective empowers and alllows us to shape our journey through all its ups and downs. Embrace it with enthusiasm, savoring and cherishing each moment! And remember, just like any game, The Game of Life has its own set of rules. This guide was created to illuminate the rules and help you navigate the divine essence of the Unverse: Life!   Michael Corthell I've created this guide with a specific focus: to assist people in leading fulfilling, prosperous, and productive lives. By understanding the fundamental principles that govern The Game of Life, we can make informed decisions that not only benefit us but also contribute to a more positive and thriving society. Our thoughts are potent creators of our reality. Positive, constructive thinking serves as a magnet for positive outcomes, shaping our experiences. Conversely, negative thoughts have the p