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The Law of Assumption is the Secret

  The Law of Assumption states that our assumptions or beliefs shape our reality, and we must assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled to manifest our desires. by Michael Corthell ''Once you are willing and able to assume that you already are what you desire to be, then you will see your assumption objectified or materialize in your outer world.'' My quote above highlights the power of assumption in manifesting our desires. Assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled is the key to bringing our desires into reality. This means that we must act as if our desired outcome has already occurred, and feel the emotions that come with it. By assuming that we are what we want to be, we are aligning ourselves with the reality that we desire. Our thoughts and feelings are powerful creators, and they can shape our reality. When we assume that our desires have already materialized, we are creating a vibrational match between ourselves and our desired outcome. Important note : To gain

How Hypnosis and the Placebo Effect Can Enhance the Law of Assumption and Attraction for Manifesting Desires

"Our thoughts and beliefs can influence our experiences and outcomes. Hypnosis and the placebo effect, along with the law of assumption and attraction, can be used together to manifest desires and create positive changes in our lives." Michael Corthell The law of assumption and law of attraction, hypnosis, and the placebo effect all suggest that our thoughts and beliefs can influence our experiences and outcomes. While distinct concepts, they share similarities and can be used together to manifest desires. Hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility, while the placebo effect is the power of the mind to influence the body's responses. Understanding these concepts and incorporating them with the law of assumption and attraction can strengthen our ability to create positive changes in our lives. This article explores the science behind hypnosis and the placebo effect and provides practical tips for using them to manifest desires. What is the Law of Assumption and Attra

Life's Purpose and Value of a Life

Sam Berns with his parents in March 2009, when he was 12 years old by Michael Corthell ''Every human being, for the greater good or the greater ill, contributes something to the world and is important. Not only do our lives have purpose and meaning, but our lives are also inseparably connected. —  with the most important link being the connection to the Universe, our God, and our creator.'' Foreward This article is about life. It focuses on the challenges that we face in life and emphasizes the need to navigate them with resilience and perseverance, despite the cards we are dealt. It also highlights the inherent value of life itself and the potential for redemption, as exemplified by the inspiring words of individuals like Anne Frank and Sam Berns . At the end of this article, you will find a Ted Talk by Sam, who is one of my personal heroes, whose message has inspired me to cultivate kindness, patience, and personal growth in the face of life's challen