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[Healing] doesn't have to be hard...

The secret of a blissful happy life consists of practicing laughter, silence, breathing and meditation  

Reducing Stress: Breathe to Heal

Mindful Breathing  does three things; captures oxygen, provides focus and reduces stress. by Michael Corthell At a marina, not far from where I sit writing this article, a message is displayed on their roadside marquee. It says, ''EXHALE, You're Home.'' That says it all as far as our society's stress and health issues are concerned. People work, are all up tight and they feel that they cannot 'breathe' until they are on vacation. What has to happen is that we all have to learn to breathe mindfully to reduce their stress all of the time. It is best not to wait until you must control your breathing.  Don't wait until you're extremely stressed out, in a panic or an arguement before minding your breath. Be prepared through practice. ''Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.''    —L. Frank Baum, Author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Mindful, (controlled) breathing not only helps your body functioning