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Top 5 Tips for Using Self-Affirmations Effectively

''Self-affirmations can be powerful tools for our personal growth and transformation. They help shift our mindsets from the negative to the positive and transform our inner dialogue.'' Michael Corthell Personal affirmations are powerful tools that can help us achieve our goals and improve our mental and emotional well-being. These statements are positive declarations that we repeat to ourselves, usually in the present tense, to help reprogram our subconscious mind with more empowering beliefs. With regular practice, personal affirmations can help us overcome negative self-talk, boost our self-confidence, and increase our resilience to challenges. In this article, we will explore some tips on how to use personal affirmations effectively to get the most out of this practice. Choose Affirmations That Resonate With You The first step in using personal affirmations effectively is to choose statements that resonate with you on a deep level. Your affirmations should be aligne

Developing Positive Ambition

Ambition is a strong desire to do, or to achieve something. Many people just 'think about it' and that desire then turns into just another fantasy. by Michael Corthell Ambition is not a dirty word, but it can be a 'good or bad' thing depending on who has this strong desire to achieve because it is personality based. If a person is good and has a positive attitude toward life and people, all will be well. If not, then negative results will ensue. ''Everyone endeavors as much as possible to make others love what he loves, and to hate what he hates''   —Benedict de Spinoza Ambition is a trait or disposition, and is often confused by many with aspiration which is goal setting or reaching for an objective. Ambition is persistent and pervasive, and a person can't alter this trait any more than he can alter any other character trait. A truly ambitious person, having achieved one goal, soon starts plan another and will strive toward it.

How to Develop a Positive and Pleasing Personality

by Michael Corthell ''A drop of honey gathers more flies than a gallon of gall'' ― Abraham Lincoln To succeed you must get things done. You must inspire confidence. You must inspire people to act. One of the keys to doing so is how we interact with people. Common sense and basic logic will tell you that by being friendly we will create a spirit of cooperation. People with a pleasing personality create a positive cooperative atmosphere just by being friendly and agreeable. Some of us are born that way, while others need to work at it a bit. But like most things, with some persistent effort, developing this kind of 'personality of success' can be had fairly quickly. First do a quick assessment. Based on the traits below, do you have a Pleasing Personality? What traits do you already have? What traits will you need to work on? Smile! Don’t underestimate the importance of a frequent and sincere smile in making your personality

Creating the Future

  If you are positive, positive things will find you.  I submit to you again that all futures are created by thoughts. And that the foundation of all happiness is faith. A happy life is also a healthy life. None of us will ever be perfectly healthy, but we can seek our personal  optimal level of health.  If we can accept the premise that our minds can create illness, it would naturally follow that we can also create wellness. And therein lies a most powerful truth about healing.  Have faith, be positive about your future and create it.