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Exploring Metta and New Thought: Common Grounds in Progressive Spiritual Ideals

"Compassion unites Metta and New Thought, illuminating the profound impact of our minds on reality, fostering interconnectedness and personal transformation." Michael Corthell In the domain of progressive spiritual philosophies, two noteworthy concepts stand out: Metta ( Maitrī) , a cornerstone of Buddhist teachings, and New Thought , a movement rooted in 19th-century American metaphysical thought. Despite their distinct origins, these philosophies share striking commonalities that resonate with contemporary seekers of spiritual growth, compassion, and self-improvement. Metta: Cultivating Universal Love Metta, often referred to as "loving-kindness," forms the bedrock of Buddhist ethics and meditation practices. It encapsulates the idea of fostering goodwill and benevolence towards all beings, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances. The practice involves cultivating feelings of love, compassion, and positive intentions, not only toward oneself and loved one