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How to Bringing Peace Into Your Day to Day Life

by Michael Corthell ''Can I bring peacefulness of mind into the middle of a very busy and stressful day?'' Yes, you can, not always perfectly, but you can do it. ''Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.'' —Thich Nhat Hanh How do I find inner peace? Live, breathe, love, listen, teach and be present. The answer is simple, but as I stated above, it may not be so easy to put into practice and you may not always do it perfectly, but we can start learning to be 'present' -- present in the moment.  It makes no difference how chaotic your day has become, or how stressful your job or life is, the practice of being 'present' can become a safety, a true oasis. It can and will change your life, and it is a very simple thing. When are completely and totally 'present', the external forces of the outside world are no longer an issue, because there is only you and that 'force', that exist in this moment,