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How to Develop and Maintain a Passionate Curiosity 

Curiosity: The Passion to seek, and to know. by Michael Corthell To be an entrepreneur or a genius is to be passionately curious. But what if you lack the passion to know things? Can you develop it. Yes, just like anything else—'if there's a will, there's a way.' The important thing [in life] is not to stop questioning… Never lose a Holy curiosity. —Albert Einstein Why? It keeps your mind active and healthy. Curious people always ask questions and look for answers. Exercising your mind has the same result as aerobics has on your body. It keeps your mind open to opportunities and new ideas.   Curiosity builds the anticipation of new information and ideas. Therefore you will recognize a good idea more readily when it comes. It opens up new worlds and possibilities. Being curious will allow you to see new worlds and possibilities which are normally not visible to your old, non-seeking mind. New ideas are hidden below the surface of normal, everyda