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The Nature of the Universe: Science Meets Religion: 12 Universal Laws

Everything that exists, seen and unseen, is connected to each other, and inseparable from each other in a field of divine oneness. (see: Quantum Theory )  by Michael Corthell [NOTE: The concept of Oneness, implying unity and interconnectedness, suggests that everything in the universe is fundamentally linked.] However, the Unified Field Theory (UFT), also referred to as the Law of Fields, proposes the idea that electromagnetism and gravity can be explained as different facets of a single fundamental field. The goal of this theory is to integrate these two primary forces into a unified framework. It's crucial to understand that the Unified Field Theory hasn't been proven or definitively confirmed. Scientists and researchers are actively engaged in comprehending and constructing a unified theory that effectively merges electromagnetism and gravity. To sum up, while the notion of unity or oneness is a philosophical concept, the scientific pursuit of a unified field theo