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Selected Quotes from Emerson's Essay: Compensation

  ''In 'Compensation,' Emerson unveils the eternal truth that binds us all, reminding us to live in sync with the universe to unlock the treasures of existence.'' Michael Corthell Summary of Emerson's Essay: Compensation "Compensation," written by Ralph Waldo Emerson in 1841, is a philosophical essay that explores the concept of balance and reciprocity in life. Emerson argues that the universe operates on the principle of compensation, where every action has a corresponding reaction. He emphasizes the importance of understanding this principle and living in accordance with it to achieve a sense of balance and fulfillment in life. Those who fail to do so will experience frustration and disappointment.  The essay is considered one of Emerson's most significant works and a seminal text in American literature. It expresses his philosophical beliefs about the interconnectedness of all things and the importance of living in harmony with the universe

The Nature of the Universe: Science Meets Religion: 12 Universal Laws

Everything that exists, seen and unseen, is connected to each other, and inseparable from each other in a field of divine oneness. (see: Quantum Theory )  by Michael Corthell [NOTE: The concept of Oneness, implying unity and interconnectedness, suggests that everything in the universe is fundamentally linked.] However, the Unified Field Theory (UFT), also referred to as the Law of Fields, proposes the idea that electromagnetism and gravity can be explained as different facets of a single fundamental field. The goal of this theory is to integrate these two primary forces into a unified framework. It's crucial to understand that the Unified Field Theory hasn't been proven or definitively confirmed. Scientists and researchers are actively engaged in comprehending and constructing a unified theory that effectively merges electromagnetism and gravity. To sum up, while the notion of unity or oneness is a philosophical concept, the scientific pursuit of a unified field theo

Essay: The Power of Thoughts in Shaping Character

  ''The quality of your life, mirrors the quality of your thoughts.'' Michael Corthell The maxim, "As a person thinks in their heart, so are they," not only encompasses the entirety of an individual's being but also extends to every condition and circumstance of their life. A person is truly shaped by their thoughts, as their character represents the sum total of all their mental processes. In the same way that a plant springs forth from seed, every action taken by a person emerges from the hidden seeds of their thoughts. Whether these actions are labeled as "spontaneous" "unpremeditated" or deliberately planned and executed, they all originate from the realm of thought . Actions are the visible blossoms that spring forth from the seeds of thought, and joy or suffering becomes the fruits that are harvested as a result. Thus, we all gather the sweet and bitter fruits of our own cultivation. It is through the mind's thoughts that in

Embracing the Power of New Thought Philosophy: Harnessing Positivity, the Law of Attraction, and Cause and Effect

"New Thought empowers me to harness the creative power of my mind, embrace positivity, and manifest my desires. Through conscious awareness and the belief in my innate potential, I shape my reality and live a life of purpose and abundance." Michael Corthell As a firm believer in the principles of New Thought philosophy , I have come to appreciate the profound impact it can have on our lives. Rooted in ancient wisdom from diverse cultures, this spiritual movement emerged in the United States during the 19th century. Its core tenets revolve around the intricate relationship between thought, belief, consciousness, and their effects within and beyond the human mind. In this essay, my goal is to explore the reasons why adhering to the basic tenets of New Thought philosophy, embracing its positivity, and acknowledging the validity of the law of attraction and cause and effect can bring about transformation and empowerment in our lives. Harnessing Positivity New Thought philosophy