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The Faces of War, Poverty and Famine

24 of the thousands of children killed in the Israel-Hamas war. (UNICEF photo) ''Gaza has become a graveyard for thousands of children'' -  UNICEF UNICEF works in some of the world’s toughest places, to reach the world’s most disadvantaged children. Across more than 190 countries and territories, we work for every child, everywhere, to build a better world for everyone. Follow UNICEF on  Twitter ,  Facebook ,  Instagram  and  YouTube ''H umanity has long grappled with the persistent challenges of war, poverty, and environmental degradation. While significant advancements have been made in technological development, these societal ills continue to plague our world. However, a promising solution lies in the concept of resourceism, a resource-based socioeconomic system that holds the potential to transform our planet into a haven of peace, prosperity, and sustainability.'' Michael Corthell Unveiling the Root Cause of Human Conflict The emergence of animal

How to Drive Out the Darkness of Hate

We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle, a light that can guide us through this darkness toward a safe and sane future. by Michael Corthell When we are confronted with very real hatred and violence in our world, the talk of peace or love can sound meaningless, ineffective, and sometimes even offensive. Racism and hatred are like powerful viruses that are seemingly impossible to destroy once they take root in a person's soul. Nearly every day we witness this destructive hatred in our world. It comes in many forms of violence against others, with mass murder being the most shocking. Sometimes I think hate, is stronger than love but then I realize that this is only a temporary illusion. Sometimes I get depressed when I see my fellow human beings try to destroy others because of their race, because of their religion, because of their gender, or because of their political views. Most of us are horrified by terrorism -- that people are willing to

Universal Equality Equals a Peaceful Global Civilization

"Open-mindedness and evidence-based thinking are the pillars that dismantle prejudice and ignorance, paving the way for a more enlightened and inclusive society." ''Universal equality stands as an indispensable pillar for nurturing a harmonious global society. By eradicating disparities rooted in gender, race, and socio-economic background, we empower every individual to contribute fully to their communities. This inclusivity fosters understanding, reduces conflict, and fuels collaboration across cultures. Historical examples demonstrate that societies with greater equality tend to be more stable and peaceful. Thus, a commitment to universal equality is a vital step toward realizing a peaceful and prosperous global civilization. '' Michael Corthell Opinion in the absence of evidence is prejudice, and it stems from ignorance. Forming judgments without a solid foundation of facts undermines the pursuit of truth and fosters division in society. It is essential t

Get Re-Charged by Practicing Creative Silence and Solitude 

''Creativity is born in solitude. With purposeful quietness, you can hear your own thoughts and God's. You can then find the answers within yourself, and you can actively focus and act on them.'' Michael Corthell The stark emotion of loneliness expresses the agony of being alone, while the joy of solitude expresses the glory of positive creativity. Like me, I'm sure that it is hard for you to just sit still—not only sit still but to do it in complete silence. Most people's natural tendency is to surround themselves with noise as a distraction—sometimes just for the company. For any of us to make use of our creative intelligence—that is to be open to the knowledge and wisdom of the Infinite Intelligence, we must have the ability and capacity for the constructive use of solitude and silence. We must overcome the fear of being alone and silent within our immediate environment. Creativity is born in solitude. With purpos

Creating Harmony and Peace for Ourselves and Others

''The quest for peace on Earth resides within each of our hearts, and it is a shared responsibility for all to nurture it.'' MichaelCorthell To bring about change in the world, it is essential to start by changing ourselves. Thus, if our goal is to attain global peace, we must first discover it within ourselves. This is achieved through a transformation of our mindset , which consequently influences our personal lives and the overall state of the world. In essence, to alter our circumstances on a global scale, we must initially transform our inner realm. Our thoughts, encompassing both positive and negative aspects , serve as the driving force behind our actions. Beneath the captivating beauty that surrounds us, there exist immutable natural laws governing the existence of all things. Adhering to these laws enables us to achieve harmony and equilibrium, allowing us to foster our own beauty and balance. Conversely, disregarding these laws results

Forgiveness in the Age of Anger

by Michael Corthell Our lives are short enough and time spent being angry and resentful toward someone is really a waste of time. How to cope? Forgive. ''Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace.'' —Buddha Hanging on to resentments and your angry, hurt feelings toward someone you were once close to will not only keep you from moving on with your life, you may never learn to deal with the emotional wounds. Letting go of your anger, resentment, and jealousy, whether it leads to healing the relationship, or to wholeness and peace within yourself, or both, is essential to healing and maintaining good health—for your mind and your body. ''Resentment is like punching yourself in the face, and expecting the other person to get a bloody nose.'' When you start to resent or hate a person, you become that person's slave. He controls your thoughts and dreams. He takes away good digestion, steals your peace of mind and goodw

PRACTICING PEACE: 20 Ways to Become More Compassionate

"WE will have peace if WE have the WILL'' by Michael Corthell   The world needs more compassionate people to make our planet a happier and more peaceful place to live during normal times. We are not in a normal time right now, so it is vitally important that we become more compassionate toward everyone and every being. Here are 20 ways we can become more compassionate today. 1. Be selfless. Put yourself in others’ shoes. Place your happiness in the happiness of others. Instead of just thinking and caring for yourself, start caring for others. Break free from selfishness. Compassion is a great journey to go out of yourself and start caring, helping, and making other people happy. Learning how to be selfless is a great start to becoming a more compassionate person. 2. Be humble. Free yourself of pride. Stop feeling superior to others, don’t act like you know everything, admit your own mistakes, and learn to forgive people. If there’s humility in your heart, it woul

How to Find Peace Through Acceptance | Living Life On Life's Terms

by Michael Corthell Each and every day may not be good, but there’s something good in each and every day. Start with that realization and build on it. How do we accept what happens in life? Is life just a random series of events? If it is not, who controls and guides these events? God, the first cause of all events is in charge of course. If you are a person of Faith, you may have prayed this serenity prayer or a version of it: ''God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.'' Find solutions instead of complaining. It is complete foolishness to complain about things all the time. Negative people drain everyone around them, and complaining won't change your situation for the better. Some feel that it helps, but it does not. It only sets up a negative mindset. Don't waste your time and energy complaining. Use wisdom and understanding by being proact

How to Bringing Peace Into Your Day to Day Life

by Michael Corthell ''Can I bring peacefulness of mind into the middle of a very busy and stressful day?'' Yes, you can, not always perfectly, but you can do it. ''Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.'' —Thich Nhat Hanh How do I find inner peace? Live, breathe, love, listen, teach and be present. The answer is simple, but as I stated above, it may not be so easy to put into practice and you may not always do it perfectly, but we can start learning to be 'present' -- present in the moment.  It makes no difference how chaotic your day has become, or how stressful your job or life is, the practice of being 'present' can become a safety, a true oasis. It can and will change your life, and it is a very simple thing. When are completely and totally 'present', the external forces of the outside world are no longer an issue, because there is only you and that 'force', that exist in this moment,

Looking for Peace?

 ''Peace is hiding in plain sight...peace can be made only by those who are peaceful, and love can be only be manifested by those who love...look in the mirror.'' Michael Corthell

Global Unity | What is The Venus Project and a Resource Based Economy?

Resourcesim is the belief or ideology that all of the Earth's resources are the common inheritance of all the world's people and should be shared equally for the benefit of all the Earth's inhabitants. ____________________________  I personally, along with my organization The Vegan Projet stands behind and fully endorses  The Venus Project  and the  Resource Based Economy   a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization that is working on designing, testing, and implementing a new socio-economic system called a Global Resource Based Economy . --  Michael Corthell   Accepting that humanity's problems are global in nature, Resource Based Economy concept is a bold proposal that seeks to provide a higher quality of life for all, through the intelligent management of Earth's resources.  What is required is the redesign of our culture to operate within the carrying capacity of the Earth’s resources and in accordance with the wellbeing of people and protection of the environment. T