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[Time] is a wastin'

  Beyond Procrastination:  Front-loading your work, works best. “It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

Leaving Procrastination Behind

by Michael Corthell We set goals, but then we procrastinate. We write a to-do list, and then don't follow through. This happens time and time again. Wow, what's the problem? Many of us are really good at thinking about and planning what to do, but really awful actually doing those things. Why is that? ''Do not put your work off till to-morrow and the day after; for a sluggish worker does not fill his barn, nor one who puts off his work: industry makes work go well, but a man who puts off work is always at hand-grips with ruin.''     ― Hesiod There are a thousand and one ways to be unsuccessful in life, but the surest way just might be procrastination. Procrastinators sabotage their own plans. They lay down stumbling blocks for themselves. They actually choose ways to fail. Twenty percent of people identify themselves as procrastinators. Procrastination for them is a lifestyle ― a very maladaptive one. About procrastination:

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