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Monkey See, Monkey Do(and so do you!)

The information meme above is describing a 'nudge'. A nudge makes it more likely that an individual will make a particular choice, or behave in a particular way, by altering the environment so that automatic cognitive processes are triggered to favor the desired outcome. An individual's behavior is not always in alignment with their intentions (termed a value-action gap ). It is common knowledge that humans are not fully rational beings; that is, people will often do something that is not in their own self-interest, even when they are aware that their actions are not in their best interest.  For example, when hungry, people who diet often underestimate their ability to lose weight, and their intentions to eat healthy can be temporarily weakened until they are satiated.

Lifestyle Choices and Social Nudges(peer pressure)

  What are Social Nudges ? Nudge is a concept in behavioral economics, political theory, and behavioral sciences which proposes positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions as ways to influence the behavior and decision making of groups or individuals. Nudging contrasts with other ways to achieve compliance, such as education, legislation or enforcement.... In other words we tend to mirror the general behavior of our family, group or tribe, so therefore our lifestyles can be contagious. 

'I love you to pieces' - 'I love you to death'

  All animals (human and nonhuman) can feel pain, and can suffer, and ought to be treated the same - with love, kindness and respect.

Love? or Abuse & Use?

“I made the choice to be vegan because I will not eat (or wear, or use) anything that could have an emotional response to its death or captivity. I can well imagine what that must feel like for our non-human friends - the fear, the terror, the pain - and I will not cause such suffering to a fellow living being.” ― Rai Aren Just one question for you to 'chew on' concerning carnism. Would it upset you if restaurants started serving puppy and kitten meat instead of cows? Robin's eggs instead of hen's eggs? Squirrels instead of pigs? Gorilla milk instead of cow meat?? ' “Being vegan is easy. Are there social pressures that encourage you to continue to eat, wear, and use animal products? Of course there are. But in a patriarchal, racist, homophobic, and ableist society, there are social pressures to participate and engage in sexism, racism, homophobia, and ableism. At some point, you have to decide who you are and what matters morally to you. And once you decide that you