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How to Practice Altruism and Compassion

We are all connected. Your happiness is my happiness and your suffering is my suffering. by Michael Corthell ''We are selfish.'' ''Greed is really good.'' ''Altruism is a dream.'' ''Cooperation is for idiots and fools.'' ''Competition is a natural human state, so war is inevitable.'' ''The bad in human nature is stronger than the good.'' Those negative comments come from people who obviously have a negative mindset, and this mindset is a learned way of thinking. Being positive or negative minded is a choice, therefore there are no excuses.  One of the greatest joys in life is to work together for the benefit of all. Compassion is an innate trait bestowed upon human beings by God that has enabled the survival of our species since birth. However, the degree to which individuals exercise compassion can vary significantly and be selective. "We are interconnected an