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Life Skills That All Real Men Should Know

by Michael Corthell There are some basic skills every real man should know and maybe even be good at. (These skills, of course, are not limited to men!) ''Each day of life brings another lesson. Lesson for today? Speak less and the more you will hear and learn.'' Know how to shake hands. You can tell a lot about a man from his handshake. Know how to take great photos. Every cell phone has a camera, use it. Know how to build a proper fire. An essential life skill for survival and summer camping trips. Know how to cook for yourself and for your family. A real man knows his way around the kitchen. Know how to argue like a Harvard lawyer. This is not screaming and yelling. It is being compelling. Being able to argue your case clearly and effectively is a great skill to master. Know how to dress yourself. It is very important for anyone to look the part and dress for success. Know how to kiss. The first time you kiss can make or break a first date,