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I am, Therefore I Create: Neville Goddard's Power of Imagination

"Within our imagination lies the divine spark, synonymous with 'I am.' With belief and persistence, we shape reality, for God is our own wonderful imagination." Michael Corthell Introduction Neville Goddard , a prominent figure in the New Thought movement of the 20th century, introduced a transformative approach to manifesting desires through the power of imagination. At the core of his philosophy lies the foundational belief that God is our own wonderful imagination. Goddard taught that this divine imagination, akin to the belief in Jesus Christ as "I am," is the creative force that underlies our ability to shape reality. This concept serves as the linchpin for his teachings on the potential of the human mind to shape reality. In this article, we will look at Neville Goddard's key principles and explore how they can be applied to manifest our wishes and desires. The Creative Force Within Central to Goddard's teachings is the idea that the human im