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How to Find Your Positive Mindset and Live Smarter, Not Harder

 '' Transforming our mindset to a positive one unlocks our full potential. We embrace growth, conquer adversity, and create a life of success and resilience. Stepping into a world of infinite possibilities, we witness our dreams manifest into reality.'' - Michael Corthell Do you want to be smarter and live a more successful and productive life? Do you want to be able to face and overcome all the inevitable changes and tragedies in your life?   Within each of us lies the capacity to cultivate a mindset that propels us forward, stimulates growth, and nurtures resilience. By adopting a set of intentional beliefs and adopting effective strategies, we can reshape our thinking patterns and embrace a path of personal development. ''Have a strong mind and a soft heart.'' —Anthony J. D'Angelo Below are some ways to boost your intellect, ward off forgetfulness, and maybe even lengthen your newfound, productive life.  Prepare to be pleasantly su