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The Abortion Debate Isn't About Babies

All human rights are self-evident.   by Michael Corthell The abortion debate isn't about newborns or babies or saving lives.  If it were we'd have universal, free prenatal care. We'd have free universal parental leave for both moms and dads.  If it was really about the welfare of babies, we'd have free diapers and baby formula.  Yes, if the abortion debate was really about the life of the baby it would include the quality of life of the developing child with free childcare, pre-school, and kindergarten.  Rather, what it’s really about is control -- controlling women individually and collectively. It is about taking power away and keeping power for a few. 'Life' is not what actually lies at the root of the abortion debate. It’s about restricting, controlling, and policing women’s bodies. It is about emotional enslavement, and it is abusive.  It is about inequality.  It is about the subjugation of a class of human beings and it has the stench of religious