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Epigenetics: Scientific Proof That DNA Gene Expression is Yours to Change

Your genes can be activated or deactivated. by Michael Corthell Previously we saw  how eating the right foods changes our genetics —for the better, showing that good food equals a good, healthy body. It turns out that a good exercise program changes our genetics as well. Good food, healthy exercise and a positive mindset all equal good health. Who knew?   The DNA of any life form is amazingly complex and dynamic, with genes constantly being turning on or off, depending on what biochemical signals they receive from the body's reaction to stimuli. When genes are turned on, they 'express' proteins that trigger physiological responses in the body. Scientists know that certain genes become active or quieter as a result of food, exercise or thoughts. Going for a jog, a swim or even a walk affects not only our body weight and sense of well being exercise changes our genetics as well. DNA is modified chemically when we're physically active. '&#

How Can I Alter My Genetic Blueprint for Better Health?

by Michael Corthell   It is now being realized that our genetic blueprint, or DNA map, the molecular protein structure that carries traits from one generation to another can be changed during a our lifetime. New research in genetics and epigenetics  (literally: "control above the genes'') is showing that everything we do and experience can affect this structure, which, in turn, impacts our present health and the health of our posterity. ''Our own genomes carry the story of evolution, written in DNA, the language of molecular genetics, and the narrative is unmistakable.'' — Kenneth R. Miller What is this all about? It's called gene 'expression'. Concerning people, to 'express', is to talk, to communicate. At the cellular level, a similar kind of communication, 'expression' happens. There is a very important argument to be made that anything and maybe everything we do or any at large environmental event has the pote