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Cosmic Soup

 by Michael Corthell A few years ago when I was single, it was my habit of just opening a can of Progresso soup for supper. I did this far too often out of laziness. But on this night it kinda sorta paid off because it gave me some cosmic insight. A night or two before I had watched a documentary on the Universe . Much of the film had to do with the sheer scale of it and all the different galaxies and structures within those galaxies - black holes, nebula star incubators, and such.  In the time after and before I was preparing my soup supper, I was thinking a lot about what I had learned in watching the documentary. My first question was; '' Is the Universe one thing ?'' And the second one, ''Do the laws of physics and chemistry apply uniformly, everywhere in the Universe?'' And lastly, ''Are there life-forms spread uniformly throughout the Universe?''   So, I'm stirring my soup. The burner's on low so as not to burn the feast. I