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The Inevitable Triumph of Goodness over Evil: A Historical Perspective

"Evil, embodied by authoritarianism, is inherently weak, ineffectual, and cowardly. In contrast, goodness, marked by justice, equality, and compassion, is inherently strong, effective, and courageous—endowing societies with resilience and progress." Michael Corthell Throughout history, the world has witnessed the rise of authoritarian and fascist regimes, characterized by the concentration of power, the suppression of dissent, and the glorification of a single authoritative figure. While these movements have often appeared formidable, a closer examination reveals a fundamental truth: evil, as embodied by these ideologies, is inherently weak, ineffectual, and cowardly, while the goodness that opposes it is strong, effective, and courageous. Evil as a Manifestation of Ignorance and Fear Evil, in this context, is not a force of inherent strength but rather a manifestation of ignorance and a deviation from the higher spiritual truths that the majority of humanity

The Mark of a Monster

  When considering the question of whether or not someone is an autocrat, dictator wannabe, it would be good to remember that Joseph Stalin , Benito Mussolini , and Adolf Hitler all took great care in always saying the opposite of what they did, and do the opposite of what they said. This is the mark of a psychopath who becomes head of a nation (or an organization). History is full of tales and stories to narrate how powerful men exploited their authority and power to inflict misery and suffering on others. While some leaders used ruthless ways to capture cities and gain control over states, others simply derived sadistic satisfaction in torturing and abusing people. As you read the accounts of the following people who abused their authority by abusing humankind, it might dawn on you why we must never accept a lying psychopath as head of state. Here's a list of psychopathic leaders who used the most dreaded and brutal methods in history to torture their people: Full Article  

Looking for a “Burning of the Reichstag” Moment

  by Michael Corthell “Burning of the Reichstag” refers to a momentous event that serves as a pretext for the declaration of a state of emergency and martial law (the suspension of civil rights) – like the Reichstag incident by Hitler in February 1933. Is this what we should be fearful of today, two weeks before the inauguration of Joe Biden? It's a strong 'maybe' and here is why I say maybe. While vigilance over our democratic values is never misplaced, the difficulty with anticipating the transformation of the Trump presidency into a dictatorship is that we have to disregard the true nature of his administration. Trumpism is not tyranny in disguise, led by a clown, it is clownish narcissism in the guise of a tyrant. Trump had no interest in either taking over the world or in subjugating America’s citizens. He wanted to hold onto power so that he could go on flooding us with his bullshit to further enhance his brand. But, he may now feel that he must stay in power, becaus