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High Spirits

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin The soul is like an uninhabited world until the Spirit enters it ― the Holy Land is the Universe. “Religion is for people who're afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who've already been there.” ― Vine Deloria Jr.

Spiritual Exercise

by Michael Corthell Spirited, good spirits, evil spirits, free spirit, kindred spirit etc. We talk a lot about 'spirit'. We know what 'spirit' is don't we? The primary definition of 'spirit' is: the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in life forms, animating the body or mediating between body and soul. The word 'spirit', from Latin spiritus meaning 'breath', has many different meanings and connotations, most of them relating to a non-corporeal substance contrasted with the material body. We will both leave it there and start from here. Your spirit is you with all it's power or lack of. Let's look at making your spirit stronger 'Grow' courage. If we always stick with the comfortable, we’ll never push past our current limits and never get stronger in spirit. Our spirit will never grow strong being trapped by fear. We cannot do just what is easy, we have to put ourselves out in t