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Showing posts from January 3, 2021

Liberty's Impermanence

  American democracy is now under full attack. World history tells us that constitutional, democratic republics with a system of checks and balances and a rule of law are usually just temporary. We maybe about to see just how temporary our American democracy is in the coming days leading up to the inauguration of president-elect Joe Biden. Democracy depends on the will of one group of leaders to transfer power peacefully to another. By showing us that they refuse to do so, the members of the “Sedition Caucus,” as a group of Republican senators are being called on social media, they are proving that they are unworthy of elected office. Part of the process to destroy any democracy is the erosion of trust in democratic institutions. Once a majority of the public feels that their institutions are corrupt or dysfunctional, there will be no need to defend them. We can see that is just what is happening now. Have faith in our republic and our democratic institutions.  Stand up and speak up