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What is the Global Corporatocracy?

  Global Corporatocracy   In our modern world, we find ourselves increasingly subject to the influence and control of corporate entities, giving rise to what is commonly referred to as a "corporatocracy." This system raises questions about the state of democratic governments and the apparent corruption within them. The impact of money on democracy cannot be understated. Powerful corporations possess substantial resources, enabling them to sway and manipulate government officials through bribes and lobbying efforts. Consequently, laws are often shaped to cater to corporate interests rather than the will of the people. In this context, it becomes evident that the term "democracy" may not accurately reflect the true nature of our political system. Crucial decisions that significantly impact citizens' lives, such as involvement in wars, infrastructure development, space programs, and other important matters, are increasingly determined by corporate influence rather

''I've never understood America, said the King'' by John Steinbeck

  “I've never understood America," said the king. "Neither do we, sir. You might say we have two governments, kind of overlapping. First we have the elected government. It's Democratic or Republican, doesn't make much difference, and then there's corporation government." "They get along together, these governments?" "Sometimes," said Tod. "I don't understand it myself. You see, the elected government pretends to be democratic, and actually it is autocratic. The corporation governments pretend to be autocratic and they're all the time accusing the others of socialism. They hate socialism." "So I have heard," said Pippin. "Well, here's the funny thing, sir. You take a big corporation in America, say like General Motors or Du Pont or U.S. Steel. The thing they're most afraid of is socialism, and at the same time they themselves are socialist states." The king sat bolt upright. "Please?&qu