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Happiness and Where to Find It

by Michael Corthell There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path . Which means that the life given to you by God is 'good' always(but often in retrospect).  Being happy with the journey back to him and your spiritual existence is your happiness. The wise  make the best use of every episode in life, good or bad to experience the joy of oneness with creation.    Pilgrim's Progress, from This World, to That Which Is to Come by John Bunyan is about that path. Written in 1678, Pilgrim's Progress is purported to be the first novel penned in the English language. It is a story about the journey of awaking, and an interesting read. I highly recommend it. How do we, who are on this path through life, first come to the understanding that our life is a journey of learning and preparation?  This can be difficult and can seem complex—at first. (It is complex, but that is the 'backend of the business' and God's got you covered on that, so there is no need