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The Universe in Balance: Compensation and Karma

 by Michael Corthell Like a spinning top or a twisting gyroscope the universe always seeks to  balance itself.  The Law of Compensation states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction — cause and effect. If the pendulum swings one way, it will always swing back the other way. There is a rhythmic balance to all life, and in all things. ''The whole of what we know is a system of compensation. Every defect in one manner is made up in another. Every suffering is rewarded; every sacrifice is made up; every debt is paid.'' —Ralph Waldo Emerson Emerson's essay Compensation inspires human beings to do good. When it is studied and taken to heart, even great things. I encourage you to read this summary of Compensation's key points. The universe is a living, breathing organism. All things have morality. This morality within us is a viewpoint. The morality outside us is the Law of God. Justice is not postponed.