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Excuses & Alibis: 5 Dozen Ways Not to Succeed

by Michael Corthell Most people who do not succeed in life have one glaring trait: they are negative minded and they know every reason for their failures. They have what they think are absolute, air-tight alibis to explain their own lack of achievement. Some of these alibis are cool and even entertaining, and a few of them are even reasonable, ones that can be justified by facts. But you can't spend alibis. Excuses don't pay the bills. The world loves a winner, the one who makes a difference, the one who can get the job done. People tend to shy away from the excuse-makers because of their dishonesty and unreliability. ''It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.''   —George Washington Below is an extensive list of the most commonly used alibis. As you read these, be honest with yourself. Identify how many of these alibis and excuses you own. This may be a negative exercise, but it is a necessary one. The good news is that with yo