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Unraveling Gaslighting and Other Manipulative Schemes

"Like a sinister fog, gaslighting engulfs the mind, leaving it shrouded in doubt and vulnerable to manipulation." by Michael Corthell 'Gaslighting' is a cunning tactic used by individuals or entities to exert control over others, causing the victims to doubt their own reasoning and perception of reality. Its effectiveness is more significant than one might imagine. Any person can fall prey to 'gaslighting', and it is a commonly employed technique by abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders. The process is insidious, gradually dimming the victim's awareness, much like slowly reducing the intensity of a light, until they are unaware of the extent to which they've been manipulated. A classic illustration of 'gaslighting' can be seen in the movie "Gaslight" (1944), where a man manipulates his wife to the point of making her believe she is going insane. The primary tactic used in 'gaslighting' is the outright fabri

The Universal Law of Oneness (Non-Duality) Explained

Oneness is the fact or state of being unified or whole(Holy), however, it's important to note that this unity is not uniformity. Oneness encompasses a vast array of subsets, representing an infinite diversity within the unified whole. Michael Corthell First, we must understand that the Universe is one living organism, one universal living soul. Oneness is the fundamental truth that lies at the core of our existence. It is the recognition that we are not separate beings, but interconnected parts of a larger whole. When we embrace this truth, we tap into the power of the universe and realize our infinite potential. It is also the key to unlocking the wisdom of the universe. When we recognize that we are all part of the same cosmic fabric, we open ourselves up to new ways of thinking, being, and relating to others. Oneness is the ultimate invitation to expand our consciousness and embrace the limitless possibilities of life... We like to think that we are individual persons performing