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The Universal Law of Oneness (Non-Duality) Explained


Oneness is the fact or state of being unified or whole(Holy),
however, it's important to note that this unity is not uniformity. Oneness encompasses a vast array of subsets, representing an infinite diversity within the unified whole.

First, we must understand that the Universe is one living organism, one universal living soul.

Oneness is the fundamental truth that lies at the core of our existence. It is the recognition that we are not separate beings, but interconnected parts of a larger whole. When we embrace this truth, we tap into the power of the universe and realize our infinite potential. It is also the key to unlocking the wisdom of the universe. When we recognize that we are all part of the same cosmic fabric, we open ourselves up to new ways of thinking, being, and relating to others. Oneness is the ultimate invitation to expand our consciousness and embrace the limitless possibilities of life...
We like to think that we are individual persons performing actions in a kind of universal stage play, but, we actually have it reversed. We are not doing things at or to the universe. The Universe(or God) is playing us and is in us at the same time. It is being us, breathing in us. It speaks through us. Through our eyes, the Universe looks back at itself... 
''The entire universe consists of a play, the cosmic self (or God) is playing a kind of hide-and-seek game. That is, it is hiding from itself by manifesting itself in all the living and non-living things in the universe and then forgetting what it really is which is The ONE. So then, to be clear we are all the ONE in disguise, but we all have amnesia, that is until we have a cosmic awakening or Satori.''
― Michael Corthell
In my opinion and belief, it is incorrect to think that we came to be by being born into this Universe. Instead, we came out of it, much like a blossom springs from a tree, grapes are grown on a vine, or an oak tree produces acorns. We and all life are expressions and functions of the Universe.

The first law(doctrine) of the Universe; Oneness is the foundational law that helps us understand the rest of natural law. This prime precept shows that we are all connected. We are all a part of the collective universal consciousness or the source, which many call God. We are all one and the All or the One is in each one of us.

This fundamental precept lets us understand the law of cause and effect at a much deeper level. When we help someone else who is in need, we feel good within ourselves. Why? Because on a spiritual level, we are that person who is in need. Conversely, when we harm someone else, we are actually harming ourselves. 

We believe, 'I am you and you are me. We all are and we all are one'  we are all connected to the Source or Universal Intelligence. 
Our eyes through which we see the Universe are the same eyes through which the Universe sees us; our eyes and the Universe's eyes are one. All-seeing, all-knowing, and all one life.


What is Oneness? | A Life-Changing Explanation of Non-Duality

by Wyeth

This video is about Oneness/Non-duality and its implications. Oneness/non-duality says that the only boundaries, in reality, are created in the mind. The universe as a whole is just one single, gigantic, organism, and what we experience as an individual human is just a single piece of the cosmic puzzle.

 Our egos make distinctions among different things: Self vs not-self, right vs wrong, black vs white, table vs not table, etc. This is duality, and we experience the world in everyday life through dualities because our ego must compose an identity in order to survive, so it must differentiate itself from everything else. 

However, the ego can be a deceiving mechanism, and cause one to miss the whole point: That we are all One. All of us on Earth are in the same boat. We've found ourselves in a human body in a far from perfect world. The reason we are not living in harmony and progressing as well as we should is because of the boundary the ego puts up. 

The ego only cares about what it needs, and it's time we expand our identity to include EVERYTHING because that's what we are. Turning inwards and getting into spirituality, as well as using psychedelic substances safely are great ways to start transcending the ego.


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