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Compassion, Kindness, Empathy and The Healing Practice of Deep Listening

by Michael Corthell    I think that we can all agree that healing is an act of kindness, as well as an act of love. The very first step in healing is to know what needs to be healed. To do that we have to listen and listen deeply, without distraction or any negativity. Deeply listening with kindness and compassion is undoubtedly the most powerful act of human healing and change. Compassion is a virtue that all good human beings have, and it is this virtue that provides the motivation for wanting to heal. In order to heal others, we must first heal ourselves, especially our emotional minds. Those of us who have been self-criticizing for years, need only to stop and start affirming ourselves. People who make that switch from self-negation to self-affirmation are truly transformed human beings, who then, are well on their way to self-enlightenment. Several research studies have shown that when you practice and feel compassion, your heart rate slows down, you

Semantics: Word Tools to Share Ideas

 '' W ords are tools, extensions of self, used to craft ideas into  reality and emotions into pictures in order to share with others.'' Michael Corthell 

How to Communicate Tactfully

by Michael Corthell We've all had to do it―had to tell someone painful or sensitive information at some point in our lives―perhaps some constructive criticism, and knowing that truthfulness is all important, it can be difficult for us to do. What is the best way to give someone 'the news' with honesty? We learn to do it with tact . ''Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.'' ― Winston S. Churchill When you learn to communicate tactfully, you will strengthen your reputation and build your credibility . Being honest and tactful allows you to keep relationships and build new ones. Your tactful approach shows character, integrity, and maturity. It shows that you are a professional. Tact will also demonstrate that you are well mannered. Communicating with grace and consideration will make you a stand out. You will then get noticed for the right reasons and this can mean more opport