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Flip the Script: Conquering Negativity through Positive Thought

  by Michael Corthell Do you ever feel as if you're perpetually shadowed by a cloud of doubt and negativity? You're not alone. Many of us grapple with an internal voice that perpetuates negative thoughts, undermining our happiness, success, and health. However, there is heartening news: you have the power to mute this inner critic and foster a more positive mindset. The Influence of Our Thoughts Imagine your mind as a garden. The seeds—whether of positivity or negativity—that you plant will dictate the nature of what it bears. Negative thoughts act much like invasive weeds, suffocating our potential and leaving us disheartened. Conversely, by fostering positive self-talk, we nurture our mental garden into a flourishing space, abundant with confidence, resilience, and joy. Understanding the Cycle of Negativity Negativity can be self-perpetuating, as negative thoughts and affirmations reinforce each other in a relentless cycle. This process begins when we fixate on self-doubt, le

Why Use Positive Affirmations? They Work!

''Positive affirmations, such as "I am healthy," "I am wealthy," "I am wise," and ''I am more than enough'' are helpful in utilizing the law of attraction to manifest desirable states in our lives. By harmonizing our thoughts and energy with our goals, we attract resources and opportunities that support our aspirations and enable us to realize our full potential.'' Michael Corthell Positive affirmations are not only powerful tools for developing a positive mindset but can also aid in manifesting our desires using the law of attraction. By repeating affirmations like "I am healthy," "I am wealthy," and "I am wise," individuals can attract and manifest these states into their lives. The law of attraction is a universal law that states that like attracts like. This means that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality, and what we focus on, we attract. When we focus our thoughts and energy on posi

The Top 20 Self-Healing Affirmations for 2023!

by Michael Corthell Before we get to the top 20 self-healing affirmations let's look at why positive self-healing affirmations work! Positive self-healing affirmations work because they not only help to shift our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs in a positive direction, they help drive out negative thoughts as well. According to Rhonda Britten , affirmations work best when combined with acknowledgments because they build up a backlog of results in one's mind to prove that one can do what one is affirming. For example, the acknowledgment "I bought a good pair of sneakers and some gym clothes" could complement the affirmation "I can reach my goal of losing 20 pounds." The goal is to focus on steps one has taken toward accomplishing one's goals rather than criticizing oneself for what one has not yet accomplished, or could theoretically have accomplished but did not. Positive affirmations are closely related to positive self-talk . Affirmations can and ofte