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[Thinking] is good, finding the answer is better...

“If you can drink from the fountain, why then, should you request for a drink of water from the cup?” ― Michael Bassey Johnson A primary key to success is demanding more than good, never settle for good enough and always doing a more.

'Good' is the Enemy of 'Great'

by Michael Corthell Many of us who have been or who are successful have looked at our lives and noticed, ''How about that! Everything is going pretty well! We're happy; The kids are doing great; We have enough money; A nice home, etc etc. I have a great job, my family is awesome. Things have never been better!'' ''You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.'' —Zig Ziglar It feels wonderful doesn't it? Being safe, happy and content is terrific. But hold just one second. This happy (and very common place) can also be a very dangerous place. If you get too comfortable, and you start to take things for granted—you have settled. Settled for what? Settled for 'just good' or more rightly 'just good enough'. Life has become common place. So what happens next? Discontentment. You can easily get so comfortable in life's routine that there is a very real dang