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What are the Spiritual and Religious Reasons Not to Eat Animals?

by Michael Corthell What is the number one reason not to eat animals? The main principle in Christianity is to love one another. The Golden Rule, which is a guiding principle in many major religions, also emphasizes this. Therefore, refraining from killing and consuming any living creature can be seen as an act of love toward them. This cannot be denied. That is why the top reason why we should avoid eating animals is because it aligns with the principle of love. If you're seeking a spiritual rationale to adopt veganism, let's delve deeper into the subject. Here's a thought-provoking question: How did the concept of killing animals become acceptable in Western society? Interestingly, according to the book of Genesis in the Bible, Adam and Eve were given dominion over animals, but that doesn't necessarily mean they were authorized to kill them. According to Genesis 1:29, the food in the Garden of Eden was plant-based. After Adam and Eve were banished from the garden, God