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How to Train Your Mind to Produce Positive Internal Dialogue

  ''To be either positive or negative-minded is a choice and the decision to turn on those positive thinking vibes could be the most important choice you ever make in your entire life.'' - Michael Corthell ____________________ The  National Science Foundation  reports our brain produces as many as 50,000 thoughts per day, with a majority being inner dialogue.  In fact, we talk to ourselves most of the time. And our self-talks have become one of the main factors that influenced our overall mindset, our actions, and ultimately, the results we get in life. Below is a brief overview of how to retrain your brain to think positively and limit the negative conversations we have with ourselves. For a more in-depth look see:  ''Self-Talk Creates Reality'' ______________________  ''Positive Self-Talk'' What is positive self-talk? Our internal dialogues, or “self-talk,” can shape our beliefs and influence our emotions and behavior, and provide assur