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The Zen Mower: Finding Serenity in the Blades of Grass

  "Who would've thought that behind the roar of a lawnmower, I'd find the path to inner serenity? Turns out, my grass-cutting escapades were more than just a chore—they were a journey into the realms of Zen. Who needs a fancy meditation retreat when you can achieve enlightenment one blade of grass at a time? They say 'the grass is always greener,' but little did I know it was talking about the peace of mind I'd find right in my own front yard. So, next time you see me mowing, know that I'm not just taming the wild greenery—I'm mowing my way to Zen. Namaste and watch out for those pesky dandelions!" by Henry Wellman Once upon a time in the quaint coastal town of Bar Harbor, Maine , there lived a man named Henry. Henry was known for his meticulous nature, especially when it came to his perfectly manicured lawn. Every Saturday morning, without fail, he would don his favorite worn-out hat and venture into the front yard armed with his trusty old lawn m