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Essay: Mind Garden

by Michael Corthell The mind of each person is like a garden and each thought is like a seed and requires careful cultivation to grow. If it is not it will produce weeds, but if it is taken care of, it will blossom with beautiful flowers and magnificent fruits. This analogy is applicable to all regardless of their background or social status by the way. Just like a gardener cultivates their plot by removing weeds and growing desirable flowers and fruits, a person can also take care of their mind by weeding out negative thoughts and cultivating positive ones. This process enables a person to take control of their thoughts and their life. By doing so, they will understand how their thoughts shape their character, circumstances, and destiny. It's essential to note that a person's thoughts and character are woven together, and their environment and circumstances are a reflection of their mindset. This doesn't imply that a person's current circumstances have solely defined t