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All About Icicles

Written & Photographed by Michael Corthell I was out snowshoeing today making paths for our beloved dog Miss Penny to run on. I decided to take my camera with me and I got some great shots of the many icicles lining our eaves.  After I uploaded the photos  I wondered how are those things created?' I kind of remembered from 4th grade, but that was two centuries ago, so I went to my axillary brain, GOOGLE and here's what I've got for you: When temperatures drop below freezing and precipitation falls, the eaves of your house can become suddenly adorned with shimmering spikes of frozen water. What are we talking about? Icicles, of course! If you've ever seen icicles up close, it's clear what they're made of: ice ! Their name even gives away their composition . But how do icicles come to be? It's not like spikes of ice fall from the sky and attach themselves to the eaves of your house. Instead, icicles form through a natural scientific process