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How Can Someone Know If They Are Spiritually Awake?

by Michael Corthell Many people today are choosing to wake up spiritually. For some it is instantaneous, for others it is a slow maturing process. A spiritual awakening is a realization that we are all connected to the divine creative force of the Universe and of course to all life.   ''Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.'' —Carl Jung Are Humans a Divine Creation?  You are a divine creation. You are a divine being. You are made in the image of God, your Creator. You were created to create. Dwelling within you, largely untapped, resides the infinite wisdom and knowledge of the Infinite Intelligence and the sacred creative force of all that is, will ever be, and ever was. When you are awakened you can begin to use this power. Most people are searching for a pain-free existence. That is not possible during our time here, in fact, pain is part of the spiritual awakening

Scrooge had a Cosmic Awakening(Enlightenment)

  Satori or a cosmic awakening is said to be a personal event that is unexplainable, indescribable, and unintelligible by reason and logic. It is comparable to the experience undergone by Gautama Buddha when he sat under the Bodi tree and, as such, is the central Zen goal. Some also speculate that it preceded and prompted Jesus' Earthly ministry. by Michael Corthell I had been struggling to find a way to describe the Zen experience of Satori, one that nearly everyone could relate to and understand. I found it quite by accident while researching another topic in Zen philosophy . I came across this fun(and enlightening) article; The Psychedelic Scrooge Satori   From the article: ''I think it would be nice if there were 'Ascendency Welcome Centers' for 'awakened' misers. I think the Scrooge awakening is going to start happening all over the world because of the cosmic alignment (or pre-apocalypse fever); people will all go off at once, like popcorn after the fi

[Woke?]'s the time(because the alarm is going off...)

  woke : [adjective]  alert to injustice in society, especially racism. “Human beings are a part of the animal kingdom, not apart from it. The separation of "us" and "them" creates a false picture and is responsible for much suffering. It is part of the in-group/out-group mentality that leads to human oppression of the weak by the strong as in ethic, religious, political, and social conflicts.” ― Marc Bekoff

For Your Spiritual Integrity

  The emotion of love is more than a feeling, it is more a state of awareness  —  the realization that all is one .