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Essay: Goodness and Greatness: The Interplay of Simplicity

''Smallness seeks and loves authority, while greatness is never authoritative. It is through this absence of authority that greatness becomes the authority to which future generations turn.'' Michael Corthell Goodness, simplicity, and greatness are inseparable qualities that form a trinity of perfection. Without goodness, there can be no true greatness, as greatness springs from the foundation of goodness. It is the gentle and enduring nature of greatness that sets it apart from destructive forces that may leave a temporary impact but lack the transformative power of true greatness. Greatness operates in silence, devoid of any desire for recognition. Like a towering mountain, it goes unnoticed by those who are sheltered by its presence. Only as people move away from it, they can behold its sublime grandeur. The greatness of an individual is often not recognized by their contemporaries; its majesty becomes apparent only with the passage of time. This awe and enchantment