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The Golden Key Method of Manifesting Solutions to Life's Problems

''This manifesting method has its roots in the Christian tradition, but seeking guidance and strength from God, the Universe, or higher power isn't tied to any one religion. It's a universal practice that anyone, regardless of their spiritual background, can embrace." Michael Corthell The Golden Key Method , as proposed by Emmet Fox , is a simple practice of shifting one's focus from a problem to a higher power (often referred to as God) in order to receive guidance and resolution. It involves mentally affirming, "God is with me; God is helping me," with the belief that this act opens the door to divine assistance in overcoming challenges. "The Golden Key" is often regarded as a concise and effective tool for spiritual and mental well-being, and it has been widely circulated and recommended by individuals interested in personal development and spiritual growth. The essence of the practice is to mentally affirm, "God is with me; God is