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[CARNism]...about the FLESH eating...

  “You would be enraged if after attending a barbeque at your neighbors your host said he had served you a Beagle Burger. How is a dog different than a cow?” ― Michael Corthell “I narrowed the focus of my research to examine a specific expression of the relational paradox: the psychosociology of eating animals, a phenomenon I named carnism. Seeking to understand how people who care about the well-being of nonhuman animals nevertheless consume (or kill) them, I conducted interviews and surveys, and coded and analyzed responses. I concluded that eating (certain) animals results from extensive social and psychological conditioning that causes naturally empathic and rational people to distort their perceptions and block their empathy so that they act against their values of compassion and justice without fully realizing what they're doing. In other words, carnism teaches us to violate the Golden Rule without knowing or caring that we're doing so.” ― Melanie Joy, Powerarchy: Underst