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The First Week of January 2021

Michael Corthell The our whole nation and the world witnessed a gang of mostly Caucasian men breaking into the United States Capitol Building this week, primarily because they wrongly thought that the law belong to them only, and because many of us spent the Trump presidency thinking that Trump's true nature was either too ridiculous to fear, or would just pass and we'd get back to normal (we let our guard down).  But in the end, the saner, calmer majority, not the shrill voices of rebellion, remained standing and so did our Democracy.  This short moment of constitutional crisis should not lead us to forget or dismiss the extraordinary strength and eloquence  of our Constitution Republic, but it must heighten our resolve to more strongly safe guard our liberties. 

Devil May Care

The devil tried to speak but was silenced. A burning, prideful (narcissism) banned him from heaven, though he once sat at God's right hand. In the end pride is the only true evil, and is the root of all sins. When he was finally allowed to speak his heart he replied, ''Pride is all I have.''