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How to Make 2021 a Better Year

If enough people embrace Hope and Optimism.   by Michael Corthell  How can we increase the odds that our lives will get better in 2021? I firmly believe in the law of attraction. Simply, this law states that we attract into our lives whatever we focus on the most. It's not magic. This universal law is simply the manipulation of the subconscious mind, which will believe anything you tell it, positive or negative. So if we can focus on positive thoughts and positive vibes, we will attract more positivity in our lives. In the coming year, if you focus on being positive, enthusiastic, and happy, you will have a very good chance of seeing the same reflected in your life. Conversely though, if you enter 2021 with a negative attitude, chances are that negativity will almost certainly cloud your life. To sum up, if you focus on positive thoughts, you will attract positivity. If you focus on negative thoughts you will attract negativity. Believe me this mental attitude works. Always walk o

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